Our DJs are fun and interactive party hosts. Spanish speaking available.
Danny Daly

Residing in Ireland, England, Tenerife, New York and Orlando enhanced Danny’s exposure to diverse styles of music and entertainment.

Larry Pausal

Larry’s diverse musical background helped him learn to appreciate all genres of music.

Mandi Gordon

Mandi is passionate and enthusiastic about entertainment and travel.

Dan Gordon

Dan has a keen sense to provide a top notch performance by being in tune with the energy of the room.

Swann Christopher

Swann brings his “life of the party” personality to every event.

Steve Weinstein

Steve has the uncanny ability to read and entertain guests at any event.


Jeremy is known for taking you on a musical journey.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Aside from being bilingual in English and Spanish, Jonathan is the definition of a people person.

Adrian Roche

Dj Adrian has been playing music in just about every environment for the past 15 years. He has experience in all genres.

Tommy Baumgardner

Tommy Baumgardner is a Star, from being on stage as a musician, comedian or DJ, Tommy Performs at a High Level, at the Top of his Game.

Pedro Bonilla

Pedro has a full musical knowledge in all styles of Latin and American dance music.

Accolades and Associations